1st Timer, Need Down And Dirty Crash Course

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    Feb 27, 2008
    I bought a hovabator 1588 and turner a few weeks back. Anyhow i am going to set my first eggs ever probably on Thursday. Let me be clear I KNOW NOTHING about this. Anyone have a down and dirty what to do and what not to do aka hold my hand so i dont screw this up with regards to the 1588? Sounds pretty simple but i am a bit nervous because its my first time and the eggs i am hatching cost quite a bit. I was going to do a test run with some local eggs but as it turns out my name came up on a wait list so i didnt have time to run some cheapo's first. Thanks
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    The easiest thing would be to do a search here. Even in this section of the forum you'll find basically all answers you need. The big thing is to keep the humidity and temp. at the right mark.
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    Hay I got one of them. Very easy to set up just read the directions don't mess with the settings and hatch your chicken eggs.
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    Plug it in now. Let it run for as long as possible before setting your eggs. Don't add too much water initially.

    The biggest rules to remember -

    - Keep your hands off the bator during an active hatch

    - Enjoy youself

    - Take photos of the fluffy butts

    - Show us the photos ASAP!

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