1st Timer w/Hatching ?

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    Jan 17, 2009
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    I have 24 eggs in my Brower incubator and today is day 10. The temp has The temp has been holding veryt steady but a tad bit high. I have been backing the temp back as it has been around 103. As the eggs develop, does that tend to bump the temp up a little bit? I have no water in for humidity as the humidity has been holding steady in the upper 50's. I know it should be lower but I don't have any water in so I can't take the water out. Also, the eggs are laying on their sides but I am wondering if I should put the eggs in the carton to hatch when they don't need turned the last three days? Thanks for you help.
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    103 is very high. As the chicks grow they do create more heat but the thermostat should account or that by staying on less.

    I wouldn't hatch them on end. My opinion is that if your humidity has ran higher than ideal your better off hatching on there side so any extra moisture in the egg can run off. If your humidity has been running low then on end may help keep that moisture around the chick.

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