1st two hatched today, day 15! How long before the rest should come?!

Discussion in 'Quail' started by chefdkluke, Nov 8, 2010.

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    51 total eggs in the bator, the first two hatched at some point today while I was at work. How long before the rest should come? How long before I need to take the first two out of the bator? I don't want to mess up the temp/humidity for the rest of the hatch, but I don't want them to starve or thirst to death!!! First time here, so please bare with me... any advice would help! Thanks
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    What are you hatching?

    I take Coturnix chicks out at 12 hour intervals or so. The chicks that are dry, only, its actually good for them to get their footing in the bator before they are moved. They can stay in there up to 24 hours. Check your temps and humidity make sure they are not to high.

    They could hatch at slow intervals throughout the next few days up to and through day 19. Or stop hatching and start up again later. Just keep an eye on them and get the brooder set up and running to stabilize temps. I usually do it a few hours before I put the chicks in but that's going to be first thing in the morning for you. So you might want to get it ready tonight.

    For some reason, some hatch when you lock down- happens. Happens most times to me.
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    Quote:Hatching Coturnix, mix of Manchurian, Jumbo Brown and A&M. I put them on lock down on Sunday, so that would make sense.
    The brooder is warming, time to see if we got anymore overnight!
    Thanks for your help!

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