2- and 4-Day Staggers???

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    Because of a delay with an egg shipment that developed from lack of communication with a BYC seller (don't get me started on that, it's going to be a $30 mistake!!!!!(*&!)(*&), I'm left with a widely staggered hatch.

    I have a Hovabator still air that I've used 3 times already. It's done wonderfully, recovering heat and humidity in record time and staying steady as a rock with little to no fluctuations. The only problem it has is cold/hot spots intrinsic to a still air. In fact, I hatched 12/15 Serama eggs last time in it.

    I put 19 eggs in yesterday afternoon. A delayed shipment will be here today and I'll put those 22 in tomorrow morning. I'm not as concerned about those since the time difference will be minimal. The concerning shipment will be here Monday (yes, it will sit over in the PO on Sunday because not only did the seller not even tell me she was shipping them 3 days late, she shipped them on a Friday afternoon!). Putting them in Tuesday morning will mean a 4-day stagger from the first eggs. That I'm worried about.

    I can't make this costly mistake even worse by buying a second incubator just because a seller dropped the ball (I have asked for a refund, in fact, I asked for a refund BEFORE SHE SHIPPED THEM, but I haven't heard anything and have little hope). The only other choice I have is to have them hatched by a friend, but she lives an hour away.

    What do you think? Will these eggs have a chance at all in such a staggered hatch, or will that just jeopardize all of them? Should I drive to the friend and have her hatch them?

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