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May 1, 2020
Upstate NY
Good morning,

I noticed about a week ago that one of our chickens were looking rough, her feathers looked “ruffled”. I’ve kept an eye on her and she’s eating, drinking and acting fairly normal. I haven’t noticed anyone picking on her but I don’t watch them 24/7.
Today I went out and noticed she looks significantly worse and 1 other bird looks like she’s losing some feathers.
Background- I have 6 red stars. They’re almost a year old. The 2 chickens who are losing feathers are red stars. I have an editional 2 barred rocks and 1 laced Wyandotte that are 22 weeks old. They’ve been living in the coop together for some time now. My older girls have picked on the young girls and created their pecking order. But I haven’t seen my young girls be aggressive back. They normally run away. But as I said I’m not watching them 24/7. We living in upstate NY. Weather is crazy. A few weeks ago it was warm. Then it dropped and has since snowed. Their coop is well insulated and we use the deep litter method and seems to be keeping it really warm.
I’ve checked ALL birds for mites, lice, etc. I don’t see any signs. Please help me. I’m open to all ideas and suggestions. I feel so bad for my girls.
I’ve attached photos below. Sorry, they’re not the greatest.


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Looks like a late molt. Offer them a little more protein during this time, as well as some scratch grains (in super moderation), bc the slow digestion of the carbs helps generate heat within their bodies. No, there is no need to add a heat source.
Thank you all for your replies!! I really appreciate it. I didn’t expect any of them to molt once fall came and went. And they’re not quite a year.
But I definitely think that’s the issue.
I do notice that one bird that’s molting tends to pick on the other bird that molting. Any suggestions? Or just leave it be? I don’t want her to stress her while she’s molting

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