2 chicks have made external peep on the wrong (pointed end)


6 Years
Aug 22, 2013
Today is the day 19 f incubation and they are in lockdown. Today i have noticed that 2 egg have made an external peep but on the wrong ends . i can see the tiny bit of shall has been dropped off but ther membrane are still on , so there is no hole for them to breath , I am worried that as they are in wrong end they might suffocate .

what is the best point of call to this situation ?

should i take them out one by one so i can make a hole so they can breath ?
Try and make the hole so air can get through and then make sure it is about the diameter of a straw please reply if this works !
When I hatched my Araucanas last year 5 of the 7 pipped at the wrong end. They all hatched fine on their own. It's probably happened lots of times but the babies were already hatched so no one knew.
I have tried to make hole but while i was scraping off the shell a bit of shell has come off with both eggs . One has slightly bledd but its fine now and very active but the other one i think has died can not hear him or see any movement but i am going to keep him in just in case .

i am worried about the rest 7 eggs as i have been taking the lid off lot to remove the eggs to make holes and putting them back in and then realised that i did not wrap them with moist paper then again i have to open the incubator but the humidity has not dropped alot as i was making sure to open smaller as possible . Here are some pic i have taken after making the hole

what is going on , the third peep also on the wrong end, I am so concerned as i might ended up non surviving

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