2 day old chick is hopping on one leg and won't put weight on other

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Sep 20, 2018
Hey gang! I hatched some silkies on Sunday. One of the chicks needed to be assisted during the hatch and has had some issues. At first, it was expected weakness and flopping around. The chick was standing on both feet until last night. It's not putting any weight on one of its feet and holds it's injured leg/foot against its body. When it does momentarily extend the injured leg/foot, the toes are pointing slightly upward. How should I help? I separated the chick from the others. Already have given electrolytes, probiotics, hard-boiled egg yolk, and poly vi sol. Not sure if she got trampled on by the other chicks or if it's a tendon issue? Don't want to cause more harm than good by improperly treating the injury..

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