2 day old chick with hurt leg!! HELP!!!


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Oct 10, 2012
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I came home from dinner at the inlaws and went to check on my chicks and i noticed one wobbling around! It doesn't seem to be in excrutiating pain..it keeps sleeping, pecking, and eating..I took it out to look at it and it will still stick it's leg out and its toes still stretch it just wont put hardly any weight on it...when you pick it up it hold it close to it's body!! help i don't know what to do for him!
I'm sorry your baby got hurt. For tonight - Just keep a eye on it to make sure it can get to food and water and to make sure the other chicks aren't running over it or making it move. To give it some added protein you can give it mashed up scrambled egg or plain regular yogurt. Hope it heals quick.
thank you!! i just moved him to the water dish and he drank alot and then hopped over to the feed dish and ate alot and he's been pooping good too!! i looked for swelling in his leg and hock joint and don't see anything i'm starting to think splayed leg...i'll wait till my husband gets home to help me bandage the little fella!! so sad to see him perfectly fine this morning to now this!
also i've applied pressure everwhere to the leg and moved it he doesn't squeal so it must not be bothering him to bad!!
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thank you "fried green eggs" i've just left him alone these past few days just making sure she was eating and drinking and pooing and she is alot better she still has a limp but she is starting to put more and more pressure on it...she is now hopping around with all her sisters again! :))

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