2 day old Sumatra chick from Meyers has Omphalitis/mushy chick disease! Can I save her?

Serenity Sav

8 Years
Jan 23, 2014
I got my long-awaited chick order from Meyer Hatchery yesterday. One baby, a black sumatra, had an unhealed naval when we got her. Her umbilical cord was still attached (we left it be and it fell off), and her naval had a bluish scab. She's gotten very weak since yesterday, won't eat, only drinks when I syringe feed her.

She's wobbly and keeps her eyes closed, and is breathing heavily and very listless and lethargic.
I've put some antibacterial gel on her naval, and have been syringe- feeding her vita-chick water, and also sugar water and acv and pedialyte.

Any other things I can do to save my poor baby? :(
This sounds like the same thing I am dealing with with a 5 day old partridge cochin, minus the navel problem. Hoping she makes it through the night, she will drink when I put her in front of the water, and I soaked some crumble and she drank the juices, otherwise it's not looking good :(

Sorry about your chick.

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