2 dogs attacked my flock


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
New Hampshire
I just scared 2 dogs out of my yard. One was in the coop tearing the feathers out of my EE and she had her head jammed so far into the trusses I thought I needed a crowbar to get her head out. So he literally kept going at her and she was defenseless! My poor rooster is now rumpless. He's so sweet that he probably high tailed it away from them. I am still missing a beautiful bantum blue cochin hen. The dog that was in the coop was only about 30lbs and didn't bite them luckily! He only ripped feathers out. The one that was in my yard I don't even know if it went near the chickens or just finished chasing some into the woods. He looked confused as to why I was yelling at him. He looked like a sweetheart. I love dogs so it was hard for me to yell at him and chase them and throw rocks. It's those darn eyebrows I think. He was kinda saying "What's the matter. I'm sorry. Why are you mad at me." I'm too soft.
grrrr....I hope Souffle comes home. She was (is) so sweet. She lets you pick her up and doesn't squawk about it.
I too love dogs but, if they eat your chickens,or think about it they are a problem. I have 3 dogs a Lab, Aussie/healer/golden retriever mix, and an ancient Aussie/cocker mix(18yr). The 2 younger ones know that they will be beaten within an inch of their lives if they mess with the chickens,and it is just too darn funny to see the senile dog alternately run away from then run towards the chickens to stop
long enough to get her! I told the neighbor that "I will have to take precautions from here on" after his dog gnawed one of my best layers. I'm waiting for the new shipment of 22s to arrive at WallyWorld! If you live in town and don't want to take the risk of a firearm...call animal control.
Sorry about your loss
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Hopefully not a loss...maybe she's playing it safe

And why is it that Wally can't get enough ammo? I work for one (I know...I'm a loser
) and I think there is some regulation on how much we can get at a time. I live in hickville and it's an issue!
Anyway, my husband said he was going to "take care" of the issue if he sees them or any other dog in our yard ever. We have a leash law and they looked like clean well fed dogs. Escapees from a yard or ignorant owners? I myself will keep the bb gun handy. I refuse to shoot dogs. It's the darn eyebrows like I said. OMG! I just realized my cat is missing. OMG have to go look for him
I met a guy yesterday who had pit bulls who ran wild around his home. They apparently attacked his flock and chewed the toes off of one of his birds. He now has steel traps set out under their cages.
That is aweful. I hate hearing about family pets being so darn nasty. Those poor birds. I got a call yesturday at work from my dd and she said my hen came home. I am very happy. Not a mark on her.
I had two dogs attack my chickens, one chicken had to be put down, one was in "nursing" care in the house for a month.

The one we had to nurse back to health was found way far away in a tree, we had to take our own dog out to help find her... (our dog won't attack the chickens)

Glad to hear your's came home!
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