2 Dozen Sizzle eggs


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Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
Up for sale are 2 dozen sizzle eggs. The hens are all frizzled or carry the frizzle gene. The roo is a silkie and does not carry the frizzle gene

The hens colors are blue, black, paint, partridge and silver laced grey. The roo is a paint but he don't have many spots and they are small as are the frizzled paint hen. All my birds are NPIP and AI tested and certified and my number is 405.

The price for both dozen is $40.00 but I will sell just a dozen for $20.00. The shipping for one dozen or two is the same $15.00. I can't be responsible for what damage the PO may cause but I do my best to resolve any issue that results from the PO handling. I have tested fertility and got 100% fertility rate. All the parents have blue earlobes, 5 toes, dark skin and beaks, brown eyes and al but 1 has the walnut comb. The blue hen has a straight comb. The roo was from reese poultry, The paint and blue hen where hatched here from a fellow BYC'er that I don't recall the name of. The rest of the hens came from my stock using different roos. The hens are not related to the current roo. The partridge hen won first place in a recent show. I haven't shown any of the others yet.

I ship priority mail with a deliver comfirmation number. I bubble wrap each egg, Then cut the top off an egg carton, place the wrapped eggs in the carton with air cells up. Then place the lid on top and tape it down so the eggs don't shift or move so they don't bump into each other. I set the carton (s) in a generous nest of shredded paper and pack shredded paper around the carton (s) and on top so the box flaps fold over on top of the shredded paper and will hold the carton in place. I have good luck with this method for 2 years now. Sometimes the Po manages to break some but if more than 1/3 are broken I will replace the broken ones and if I have extras I will send them

I always try to send extras in case the PO breaks any, if I have extras. To save time and money for shipping and packing material costs. I do ask the buyers to contact me when their eggs arrive to let me know how they made the trip so if there are any issues we can resolve them right away.

I take paypal and my addy is [email protected]. If you choose to buy any of these eggs please post taken and if you want all 24 eggs or just 12 so anybody else that may be interested can know if these are taken. Also please PM me and let me know how many you would like.

So here is the prices again so you don't have to scroll back up to the top

1 dozen sizzle eggs $20.00 S&H $15.00 Total $35.00
2 dozen sizzle eggs $40.00 S&H $15.00 Total $55.00

Thank you for looking
I know you plan 1 or 2 dozen but could you go down in the amount of eggs? I really dn't want to add a adozen more to my chicks. I just want a frizzle and I do have silkies which I just love. My real prupose for having birds is so my grandkids can learn what life should really be all about. I would be able to take 6 if you could allow it?
I love the 2 laced hens in your pics do you get more laced from them in this pairing?
The pair I got the laced ones from was a grey silkie roo and the paint hen. The grey roo passed away last month. There is the paint roo in there now. The paint roo has small spots and not alot of them. The black hen came from the same pair, grey roo, paint hen. The partridge came from a calico roo and not sure which hen

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