2 eggs in one day from one of my hens!

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    Feb 21, 2010
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    I was shocked today because I was picking up eggs and putting them in my pocket and whatdyaknow I had 7 eggs! One of my BRs NEVER lays... I think she has laid MAYBE 3 eggs in a year and I'm not sure even that many. I was so proud of her and gave her lots of loves!

    But then I got inside and started pulling them out of my pocket... I'm counting them and came to find out that I had 5 Marans eggs... The only thing is that I only have 4 Marans hens! This is the first time I've ever gotten an egg from each hen... And yes, it still counts even if one of the girls had to pull double duty to make up for my little slacker BR [​IMG]

    Not sure which one did double duty but she has my permission to take a day off tomorrow [​IMG]
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    Wow! What a nice surprise!
  3. I've had that happen before. It makes me scratch my head a little bit knowing how long it takes an egg to form inside. It's really cool though! I think you may have a miracle hen. [​IMG]

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