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    Jun 14, 2011
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    Ive been searching to find out if hens and lay 2 eggs in one day, one right after another but I'm confused. 2 of my 3 hens are laying for sure because I've seen them but I don't always get 2 eggs a day. Sometimes I'll get 1 egg then the next day I get 2. Today when I went to check, my barred rock dropped an egg while I was getting the other egg out of their box. The first egg was warm and the same color as the one that was just laid from my BR. My white rock is laying and her eggs are darker and speckled so I know which is from her. I'm not sure if my buff orph is laying yet but Everytime I go near her she squats. Yesterday I only got 1 egg and it was the color that the BR lays. Is it posiable that she laid 2 eggs today, one right after the other? Thanks. They are all 6 months old.
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    Hmm.. well I personally have never experienced this so I'm sort of winging it here. I've read that it takes 24 hours for the hen to lay another egg but.. maybe you're just lucky. I'm really not sure. I wish I could help you with this problem, but I'm shot.
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    It could be that another hen had laid the egg & just left the box. I've had as many as 3 hens in one neat box at a time. If there are 2 in the box & one lays & leaves and you come by immediately after, it may look like 1 hen laid 2 eggs.

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