2 fold question: how long to save eggs and best time to set according to moon?

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    May 29, 2011
    I have a two phase question; I want to collect some eggs from some new Cuckoo Marans hens I got that were bred to a Sultan Polish Rooster. How long can I collect the eggs before I need to put them in the incubator? How long before the eggs do not have the Sultan as the daddy anymore?
    When is the best time to set the eggs according to the moon this month? Thanks
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    two or three weeks to make the sultan's "seed" to run out.

    You can collect eggs 12-14 days before they need to be incubated, but most people here only wait 10 days.

    After 10 days the chance of hatching falls off rapidly.

    The moon has nothing to do with hatching eggs, it takes 21 days, so if you want a new moon hatch or a full moon hatch you can calculate that now.

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