2 for 1, Evil Genius Potential!....


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10 Years
May 2, 2009
Desert, CA
Up for bid, not one but 2 boy children with evil genius potential!

Do you have an empty volcano lair just sitting about? No longer! I have up for consideration, not 1 but a SET of sons, each with unlimited potential for mayham and foolishness. One wants to build rockets for space exploration, the other wants to battle aliens, but you can have both for one low price! Why begin your world domination solo when you can have 2 mad scientiests working for you?

New feature: frightening Mother in laws by simply being themselves!

*Note, henchmen and minions are extra, inquire about a bulk discount at checkout!*
Look at this amazing testimonial!!

About 3 years ago, mom joined a scrapbooking club, (you know bunch of middle aged ladies taking pictures of their now off to college kids and putting together fancy photo albums), and she bought some autumn papers. I guess the ladies planned to take their grandkids to a pumpkin patch/carnival thing. Now mom doesn’t like dirt, animals, and carnival rides make her nauseous, so I checked with Dad, and he assured me he would be there too.

Well I make sure they have my cell number with them, and the boys are tidy and ready to go. I keep expecting to get a call, but none for about 5 hours. The phone does finally ring, and Dad tells me “we’re on the edge of town, but getting an ice cream cone first, ok?” About 15 minutes later the boys walk in, and Evan has the guilty look, he walks to the patio to finish his ice cream, and mom looks like hell. She says she’s got a headache and is going to the car to rest, and walks out. I look at dad, and he’s laughing. Seems on the hayride, Evan wanted to sit up front so he could see, and the horse has some gas and decided to poo mid ride, freaking her out, the smell was not good. Then Erik wanted to pet the animals in the petting zoo, and mom stepped in fresh goat droppings in the new suede boots she bought to look cute in photos. Then she got on the Ferris wheel with the kids, and promptly got ill. On the way home (it was a 2 hour drive), Evan tells her he has to go NOW, and they’re in the middle of nothing, so dad pulls over and asks if he can pee behind a bush. Being a 6 yr old boy, he happily agrees. For some reason mom thinks a rattlesnake is going to attack, so she decided to go with him. Evan picks a bush 20 feet away from the car, and walks out, mom following. Well he sees a gopher hole, and decides it’s the perfect place to pee. A rather angry gopher pops out of the gopher hole and runs a few feet towards mom, who freaks out screaming, while Evan is running behind her “It’s ok Grandma, they don’t all have rabies!”

After explaining the fun outing, dad heads back to the car, and I call Evan in. I asked how he’s doing “I’m ok, but grandma’s weird”. It was their last outing.
Your boys are gorgeous, Saddi
Oh these will come in handy in my plot to take over the...

hey, you there, stop listening. I'm talking to myself and you're evesdropping. Here stp into this shuttle. It's going to give you a close up view of the sun.


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