2 hens in the same nest won't leave nest


12 Years
Jan 13, 2008
Jonesbourgh Tennessee
i have 2 hens that refuse to get out of the nest would not let me get the eggs anyone know whats up with that? Im still learning about chickens but i put another Roo in with the flock and im not sure if they are afraid of him or wanting to set.....any feed back would be greatly appreciated
welcome to the wonderful world of broodom

I am also relatively new to chickens and one of mine has gone broody as well. It's been 3 weeks now and she's still a growling possessed wee little girl that only looks like her former self. :|
I went down to get my eggs ( 2 hens ) today & there is the little white leghorn sitting on the nest....I think she's laying, but when she sees me, she puffs up & starts clucking......I go next door to get my 20 mo son, come back & she does the same thing!!!! There are at most 3 eggs there, I didn't bother her.....but I have at least 44 in the incubator from various sources.....not the best time to go broody!!!!!!
try putting a coffee cup over her head, then get the eggs. my grandma taught us this as kids. works great (but I wouldn't use that cup for coffee after!)
I have two hens that do this too. However I reach under them even though they puff up and squawk at me..even peck me a time or two. I take the eggs and quickly switch them with golf balls. They calm down with the golf balls under them, and all's well.
Gotta love those broody girls
I just pick her up and grab the eggs each morning. They give an "I cant belive you did that look" but they get over it quickly.


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