2 hens working on egg clutches??

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    We have had our first rooster here for about 2 weeks. My hens are all free range during the day and come in the coop at night. This past week I have noticed 2 hens are not laying in the coop and I have found that each has a clutch of eggs in the haymow. They both have 5 eggs. One hen is a RIR and the other is a barred rock. The barred rock has been broody before. They are both a bit over a year old. I wouldn't mind having a few more chicks around. Both hens still come into the coop to sleep at night. At what point will I find out if one of the hens is going broody to hatch these eggs or if they just happen to be laying their eggs in the barn and are not going to hatch them? At what point should I throw the eggs out if neither hen decides to sit on them? Any additional info would be great. I have never raised my own chicks before.

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    When they stop coming into the coop and get serious and sit on the eggs over night. That's when they really get serious. This time of year the eggs should be good for a couple of weeks. But your are right to question their motives about laying in the haymow. They may just be looking for a quiet place to lay.

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