2 hours ago she was fine!! Please help!!


8 Years
Aug 6, 2011
New Mexico
2- 8 day old silkie chicks - both were fine this morning at 8 AM when I went to work. One is still just fine - currently stuffing it's face.

The second is anything but okay. -can't stand too well - eyes open only briefly - empty crop - occasional gasp- I got her to drink some sugar water and she is currently in my shirt peeping every now and then.
temp. is good - starter food only - water is clean - her clutchmate is showing no signs of distress at all
I think she's dying, but I have no idea why!
Any ideas/input/guidance would be really appreciated. Thanks.
We have 10 day old chicks and one just got sick in the last 2 days, too. It seems like her symptoms are similar, very sleepy-eyed, having trouble walking, heavy breathing. We started her on Sav-A-Chick vitamins yesterday in her water bowl, separated her from the rest of the chicks, and are going to start giving her some Vitamin E drops tonight. We are first time chick owners, so going into this blind, but from what I've read, Vitamin deficiencies seems to be pretty common in young chicks and can even affect some and not all in your flock.

Best of luck and I hope your little chick makes a full recovery!
PA Chick - Thanks - I hope your little recovers as well! I'm giving her sugar water periodically and that seems to perk her up a bit. I've seen her eat and drink a few times too, so I hope this will pass quickly. She (this, BTW is arbitrary) does have the energy to peep - loudly and almost constantly!

Golden Sparrow - hay shake is the husks of the hay - remnants really

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