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May 18, 2011

I have a 1 yr old female that is having totally liquid stool. its almost like a squirt gun. She seems to be energetic, and acting normal. I cant see anything in it like worms or what not. She is laying eggs. I bought some meds today at tractor supply, a med for worms and a antibiotic. I have held off giving either until i got some advice. Being in Mass it has not been hot, I found the poo chart on another post and that was one of the causes for watery poo. I would take a pic but you cant see it.

I have a 5 to 6 month old bird that when she breathes its sounds raspy (sometimes) and I think she either coughs or sneezes once in a while. Again she is acting normal and eating. Now I was told I could use the antibiotic for that. But it said that when used not to eat the eggs or what not on both medications. How long is that usually for? And should I remove them from the rest and throw them in solitary until things clear? I am new to this and want to have happy heathly birds. I am also going to call the person I bought them from and see what he say and if he has run into any of this in the past.

Any help or advice is much appreciated,
Hey Ron

I'm not a vet, and am actually fairly new to chickens myself. I was just going through the treats thread a few days ago and I remember seeing that depending on what they are fed, their poo can and will change. Once they process it, poo goes back to normal. So I would wonder what is she being fed? Have you introduced anything new to her food wise? AND how are her other behaviors? Is she eating, drinking? You said she was laying so that's good at least. Is there anything else that is of concern like blood in stool?

As far as antibiotics and wormer; I just finished my ducks week long antibiotic regime and I used erythromycin which they say you can resume eating the eggs after they have been off it for 2 days. I'll probably wait a week just to be sure!! There are other antibiotics though and so it's important to know which ones you have. Post the names and I'm sure someone here has had experience with it.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Thanks for the response. There are 2 chickens in question. The 1 yr old bird with the liquid stool, she is acting normal, eating as best i can tell, ( i throw out a cup of scratch every day and they are all out there digging and i keep a 7lb feeder in coop of layer pellets.) They guy I bought them from fed them pellets..not sure of the brand so maybe the recipies are a bit different? Other than her stool, she does not appear or act diff than the other birds.

The 2nd bird in question is younger, and from time to time she sounds like she sneezes or coughs, I cant tell. Last nite when she roosted she sound raspy but it wasnt not every time she took a breath. Again she appears healthy and active and is eating. The meds I bought were Wazine 17 and Duramycin 10. I guess I will just watch them and keep checking. If the stool does not change back to solid form I will reach out again.

Thank you,


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