2 Lazy hens!

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    Dec 12, 2010
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    Well, I thought my 2 new hens just didn't know what a roost was. They were 4 months old when I got them and for a month and a half I've been having to put them in the coop at night. If I put them in they stay inside. They would just sit on the floor all night. So I have been putting them on the roost for a week every night. Every morning they are still on the roost. Hooray! But the last few nights we are back to them staying outside unless I put them in. Such stubborn little birds [​IMG] I guess if I had 10,20,30,etc... hens that did this it would be a different story. Having only 4 hens total and only 2 confused hens I find it comical. I love BYC's!
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