2 Magpie Ducks-how to get them to like me

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by SunShineChic87, Oct 14, 2015.

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    Mar 17, 2015
    Hey all! Just wondering, I have had 2 Magpie Ducks for about 3 1/2 months now, got them when they were 3 weeks old. We just moved them into a bigger play area and a large pond. They seem to be loving life! However, it doesn't seem like they love me! I've tried sitting with them, i've tried feeding them treats, they just dont seem to go anywhere near me. Also, 1 is a female and the other 1 a male, they have been mating. How long until we get an egg? Thanks so much!!

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    Sep 14, 2015
    Keep sitting in there with them and keep bringing them treats. We got our Ancona's when they were 2 days old and they were always skittish. They are about 6 months old now and they just started warming up to me. I go into their run everyday (usually several times) and sit down and offer them treats. In my case, patience paid off. They now come right up to me and will even let me pet them occasionally.
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    They start laying around 6 months old. Here are some tips to taming ducks:

    1. Patience, patience, patience! It's the key! It takes time!
    2. Be sure they associate you with GOOD times only – food and treats. Favorite treats include peas, mealworms, lettuce, and various veggies and fruits. Offer treats frequently, out of your hand. Eventually they should start coming up to you to see what you have for them.
    3. Spend some time near them, just reading a book or something casual.
    4. Move low and slow; don't make any sudden movements.
    5. Don't catch or chase them unless absolutely necessary.
    6. Remember, to them, you look like a giraffe, or worse yet, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. [​IMG]

    Also, most ducks NEVER like being picked up, no matter how tame they might be, although some might not mind or might even enjoy sitting on a lap. Many also don't enjoy being petted, although a few of mine do.
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    I second the motion on patience. We have six muscovies, three which are a few weeks older than the others. They regularly eat mealworms and other treats out of my hand. I crouch low when I do and anytime I hunker down, Fatty Duck ( a drake I think) comes running as fast as his legs will carry him. I wouldn't say he likes to be petted, but he doesn't buck away when I scratch his chest. Our three younger ducks are still very skiddish and are slowly warming up. Even Houdini (what a story and I'd rather not hijack your thread with that one) is finally coming around. We also have a goose and a younger gander who is very friendly and has no problem eating from my hand and allowing me to stroke his long neck. If I don't give him enough attention, he'll walk behind me and start picking at my shirt. Stay with it and be calm and friendly. They'll get it.

    Troy and Tina
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    Sep 14, 2015
    I also want to point out that they are much more likely to come up to you if you are sitting or kneeling. It will make you less intimidating.

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