2 month old California whites and black asains

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Nov 6, 2018
When can I let my kids out side? It's in the 30s in the day and colder at night i have a insulated coop or a non insulated one or i can put them with the adults and hope for the best??? I'm a nervous wreck lol I also have 3 silkies that I have had since July that don't get along with my girls at all.they hide in the coop and don't roost


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Is the pictures of where the "kids" are or is that where you want them to go? They're fully feathered so acclimate them to the cold & let them out, I would coop them in the insulated one. You should integrate (See but no touch) them before adding to the adults. You need to be careful with Silkies, they have a "soft" spot on the top of their head & their head tuffs sometimes are very tempting for the larger breeds.

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