2 Month Old Chicken Vomitting

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6 Years
Jul 30, 2013
So I came home to find that my 2 chickens ran out of water sometime between yesterday and today. When I gave them their water they drank nonstop, and are now regurgitating the water (sometimes it looks a little slimy). I understand that it could be because they're drinking way too fast and it doesn't stay in their crop when they lean over, but could this be a vicious cycle? Over drink, puke, over drink, puke. Because they've already done it a couple times. Or are they sick? They are eating though. Thanks in advance. I'm so worried...
Ok, so try them on some soft scrambled egg with a bit of plain yoghurt mixed in it. Make sure they have plenty of fresh water. If you dont have electrolyte 's , I'm told that a berocca tablet dissolved in their water is just as good. Gatorade is another alternative .
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