2 mos old Crevecoeur non weightbearing on one leg, stiff.

Miss Ashly

In the Brooder
Jan 30, 2015
Have a 2 mos old Crevecoeur that is non weightbearing on one leg, onset two days ago. She was still attempting to limp around, so I have quarantined her for her safety.

Her right leg is sticks out straight, stiff. If I help work it, she loosens up. She does squeel when I attempt to manipulate near the hip. No signs of trauma, no heat from limb.

Appetite is good. She has been vaccinated against mareks. No evidence of coccidiosis. Stool looks good and healthy. She's alert and wants to engage with me and the other chickens. I began administering vitamins yesterday.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. This is my first injured bird and she's such an absolute sweetie. If it looks like I'll have to put her down, I will, but she hasn't given up yet, so neither am I.


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