2 New Ducklings!

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9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Well I just sold all of the adults yesterday.I woke up to a suprise hatchling this morning.I had given up on the egg's.We had one hatch sat.And it died sometime sun. night.
.I think maybe the humidity and stuff was all off.I worked all day Sat. on that one.He was like super glue.I think maybe where I had so many wet paper towels etc. in trying to save the one helped the 2 hatch.I have taken the one down to brooder and the 2nd one just hatched earlier.The one is eating and looking good so far.I have 2 more pipped egg's so hoping they will do as well.I also got 2 early chicks in incubator one I think is from my giant cochin/ frizzles and one tiny peanut baby.Those hatched yest. too and so far doing good. NOW if I can still come up with miracle to stay in my house!
. They are SOOOOO Cute!

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