2 of my 8 week old chickens don't like us...


8 Years
Mar 21, 2011
1 of the 2 used to like us, but won't really come near us now..... the other one I believes HATES us....although I try and give her special attention. If I touch her she runs, if I pick her up she has a FIT and I have to let her go because I am afraid she will hurt herself... What can I do to make her more friendly? I have been putting feed in my hand for her to eat lately, she is ok doing this.

Any suggestions?
I recently posted a similar question about picking chickens up as I am new to chickens. And although mine are friendly as drooling puppies and beg for lap time, from what I was told, chickens generally do not like to be picked up. They don't like their feet leaving the ground. So I wouldn't worry about the picking up part and them hating you.

What breed of chicken do you have? Some breeds are more friendly and love human attention, and other breeds can be stand off-ish. The best advise I could give you is it go and sit on the ground with them and bring treats. Let them climb all over your legs and such and feed them goodies at the same time. (watch they don't peck at your face however) If they are a bit skiddish at first as they may be, give them time to warm up to you. Show them you are not so scary. I sit with mine every day and there is always a standing line waiting for a spot on the lap. As they are climbing around on you, gently touch them, each time caressing them a bit more and eventually they may enjoy being touched. Good luck!
thanks.... I have 2 black stars and 4 barred rocks.... 1 of my BR's is the one who doesn't like us very much...

one of my black stars however bites me if I DON'T pick her up...LOL

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