2 pips! Anyone else hatching now?


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
I'm nearing the end of day 20 and I have 2 pips! I can hear some peeping too! I hope to see a chick in the morning! Is anyone else hatching now??
I am on day 19 with some shipped silkie eggs. Out of 24, 8 made it to lockdown. No pips for me yet but I should at least see one pip tomorrow! Do you have any pictures?!
today is day 20 and despite my check this AM, I started hearing weird noises coming from the incubator. Found this:
I got 7 eggs shipped from cjexoctic silkies -(excellent packaging btw - no breaks or cracks ! ) two arrived with detached air cells - it happens - and never developed - another also didn't develop for whatever unknown reason - but the four remaining made it to day 21 - which is today - and three hatched with no problems and the last should finish by tomorrow
It's started and I can hear it peeping inside. They're all dry and peeking out from under momma even though they hatched on one cruddy day (it's rainy and only about 65 today)
All did fine under my broody silkie hen -
I have pics, but no computer compatible with my camera at the moment -

I have a black, a blue and a splash so far from the looks of it - but won't be sure till they feather out. Wonder what #4 will be ! I'll try to get some pics loaded soon
They're soooo cute !!

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