2 Pullets dead quickly, remaining 2 are thin

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Sep 16, 2017
Central Virginia
I am lost! How can I save my pullets? I posted a couple of weeks ago that I found one pullet very thin and wobbly . She couldn't really stand. I had already treated all with Corid since I had seen some strange pink droppings. I isolated her right away We tried to get her to eat and gave her some nutri-drench, but she died after about 36 hours.
I have been watching the other 3 pretty closely. They have all been coming right out of the coop and eating and drinking. Yesterday Cami was a bit slow walking around, and at roost time she wasn't roosting. She went into the coop but was sitting /laying between the roosts. She could stand for a few seconds but then would fall over She was a little thin and she had about a large walnut sized amount of food in her crop. I thought maybe I had caught whatever it is in time! I isolated her, gave nutri-drench, food, water, etc. Her stool was very loose but not red. I couldn't get her to eat at all and in the morning her crop was empty. I enticed with boiled eggs, but I don't think she ate anything at all and was dead in about 24 hours.
I started another round of Corid after the first loss. I just changed the food in case of some toxin. The 2 remaining pullets started pecking at the food right away. They seem active, flying up on the waterer. I checked them and they both seem thin and even late in the afternoon their crops are empty! Their droppings look normal. The only other thing I notice is feathers from all in the run. They are all about 12 weeks old. What can this be? I don't want to lose them all. They are so beautiful and sweet. My hens are in a nearby coop and I am afraid it will spread to them too.
I have read about Mareks (sp?) and botulism, but I'm not sure either fit and I don't know what to do. Please help I don't know what I am doing wrong!


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What exactly are you feeding? With 2 dead and 2 losing weight, you really need to get a necropsy. Contact your state vet to get a necropsy to get a diagnosis if you lose another. Refrigerate the body right away, do not freeze. In the meantime, I would get a fecal test done on some fresh droppings by a local vet, or with a test kit, to look for worms and coccidiosis. Here is a link for state poultry labs and another for fecal test kits:

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