2 Really Faint Lines = Positive Pregnancy Tests Or...


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My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years this month. We've been to Urologists, MDs, OB-GYN's, who have all told us we were normal. The last one I went to suggested that I may be ovulating, but it may not be a healthy ovulation, so she gave me a prescription to Clomid. I went and had that filled on Saturday. Well, I was supposed to start my cycle yesterday and it didn't come. So, out of curiosity, I took a pregnancy test yesterday afternoon. It had a nice dark, control line but a faint 2nd line. Holy crap! I showed it to my husband and he says, "It looks like 2 lines to me." So, I took another one this morning and it's the same thing! If this is for real, I didn't even need the Clomid!

So, my questions are- Has anybody ever had a false positive (especially twice in a row)? Should I try a more sensitive test?
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yah!!! I took 6 tests because i was in denial. I wanst due for 2 days for my cycle but I knew something was up..Did you use first morning urine??? How long did the test sit until you read it. If you took first morning urine and then read the test after the allotted time-guess what sister???
it should mean positive-the HCG hormone in your urine will get stronger everyday -If that line darkens throughout the day then Id say yes positive. If you take another test and this is what I did-I did NOT drink alot of liquids on purpose one day to make my urine strong in the morning and then took the test-it was 4x as dark the next day because the hormones were so concentrated and not diluted----go for that tomorrow:) I hope congrats is in order!!!!
Yeah, I used this morning's urine. I let it sit for about 2-3 minutes, then just stared at it for probably 10 minutes thinking my eyes were deceiving me. I did drink a lot of water yesterday because I was out in the wind working it the yard. I've got a big pack of those clinical tests you can get on Ebay, so I think I will stop by and get another type to try in a couple of days.
if it showed a faint line this am it should only get darker!! now if you saw nothing and checked it later and you see faint lines -dont rely on that its a false positive..take it tomorrow am again and see how it goes
CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! First morning urine is the best to use and if you got two lines,
Yep! Yer all knocked up! Even a faint line is picking up hormone levels. Make sure you are on prenatal vitamins with folic acid. You can re-take the test in a couple days and should get darker. Congrats!
Thanks everybody! I'm (or I should say - we are) so hoping this is for real. It's like I'm in a dream world. I've been taking prenatal vitamins for 2 years.
Did you start the Clomid? I've heard of some drugs messing with the hormones that say you are pregnant.
If it isn't one of those drugs - that is a definante positive!!! It took a while to get pregnant with our first - but after that I was fertile-myrtle. Good luck!

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