2 roosters..one crows all day, one not at all. Why?

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    We have 19 chickens. 2 of them are roosters. Both about 20 weeks old. One a Black Australorp the other a Rhode Island Red.
    The Australorp is the dominant rooster and he crows ALLLLLL day. From sun up to sun down...and I wouldn' t be surprised a bit if he's in the coop crowing all night long.
    The Red doesn't crow at all. No noise whatsoever. I've never heard a single peep out of the fella.

    Why is this?
    I'm not complaining at all! I actually love the fact that the Australorp crows so much. It's like music to my ears (but maybe that's because the only other thing I hear that often is 5 kids fighting! Ha!). He has a beautiful sounding cock-a-doodle-doo.... I guess I only expected to hear it around like 5am and 5pm or something.
    And the fact that our Red doesn't crow at all makes me a little sad. I wanna hear something out of him! Maybe not as often as our Australorp.... because then our neighbors may get upset, and we don't need that.

    Is this normal...having one that never stops and one that hasn't even tried?
  2. The answer is obvious my dear Watson. The dominant rooster (in your case the Australorp) is challenging the whole world to come and take him on with the understanding that any stray hens that hears his challenge will want to make his acquaintance. The non-dominant rooster (the RIR) has for the time being decided that discretion is the better part of valor.

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