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I'm still planning my first flock and after reading many posts, feel it's possible to have 2 roosters after carefully culling for temperament. I'd like experienced opinions as to what breeds will aid in this process most effectively. Most of my chickens will be dual purpose, outside of a couple of Cresteds for pure enjoyment and a couple of Easter Eggers for the grandkids.
If they are raised up together - it makes it easier because one will show dominance sooner. The breed you have also may have some that are more aggressive. We had one Rhode Island Red rooster that was very laid back and sweet while the other was aggressive and attacked me quite often. The chanteclers were the same, one aggressive and one sweet. We had two buff orphingtons but they were both sweet. If you have enough hens for each, there is also less fighting. Right now, I have a 2 year old Ameraucana and just got a 16 week old Silver Orphington. The Ameraucana is really laid back and sweet but does not like the Orphington and wants to show dominance. I hope these two will get along soon so the flock can be together for the winter but if not, I have a breeding coop that the orphingtons are in already so I may have to keep them there to keep them separate.
It's very possible, but as the other poster said, they have to grow up together and that is probably the only way. I am partial to the Rocks. I had a RIR that I hated and got rid of, then had a BR that I loved but died due to the heat. Now have a total of 6 all 12wks, 1 Silver Spangled Hamburg, that is very wimpy and pretty much like a girl and gets bullyed by them and has never been in consideration for the top spot, and 5 Silver Penciled rocks that I've culled down from 9 and still have one more to go, only keeping 4. They did have a lot of quick little harmless fights that were fun to watch, but now nothing and all get along after the alpha was established.
If you are thinking of getting some Roos. I do not suggest getting a rooster Americana/ Easter Egger.(From my experiance.) Mine is pretty agressive. Hens are unbelievably nice though.
I have two roos... One is a large EE, and the other is a Millie Fleur (sp?). Even though I only have two hens, they get along fine. My EE seems to be very docile, and he's the only one of the four who will actually come in close to me when I'm tossing out scratch. The others will not let me get within about 6 or 8 feet. I'm new to chickens, and I got these guys as adults about a month ago, so I can only go by what I see here. Maybe my EE is not the norm?


I have had an Ameraucana rooster in the past and he was very sweet and never fought with the others (Buff Orphington - who was sweet - and Rhode Island Red - who was aggressive), though I did find out that he wasn't pure so he was an Easter Egger. The Rhode Island Red was 4 weeks older than the Buff Orphington and 4 months older than the Amer/EE.

The one I have now is a pure bred Ameraucana and he eats out of my hand. I carried him around when he was little and he always runs up to me to feed or talk with - he doesn't let me pet him or hold him like he used to but if I pick him up, he tucks his head under my chin.

If you raise them from very young, they do get along better because the pecking order sets up early. I do know a friend of mine has many roosters and they get along fine. Each has their own group of girls. I have heard it is better to have 3 so there is not competition for top dog like there is with 2. good luck deciding!
Cuzwurth, I am glad you are enjoying your chickens. I really enjoy mine as well. In my experience EE roosters are very aggressive and I don't keep them anymore. The reason yours comes up to and not the others is because he isn't afraid of you and if he someday see's you as a threat to the others he will attack you. This is what he is supposed to do but you will not appreciate it much. Picking one up or giving first aid can and probably will be seen as a threat so anytime you have to handle them please keep that in mind.

I haven't found a breed that doesn't have aggressive roosters. RIR Hate them, EE hate them, even buckeyes are aggressive. My buckeye, I did have an understanding with though and after a bit of giving him a good kick every time he attack me he did stop but I was the only one he let in without incident. I do handle my chickens and I think that is what makes them aggressive. I do pick up the hens and check them from time to time and the rooster will not take this without notice no matter what breed they are. I have always raised my chickens from chicks and you would think that they would know that I only care for them but once they are able to reproduce hormones take over.

I had one that was stuck this morning and I had to free her and my 14 wk old cockerel came running to see what was going on and if he had been two months older I would have had to watch out even though I was talking to her calmly and helping her.
I have had to catch one of the hens a couple of times, and he really didn't seem to get very agitated. Once my wife and I caught the hen, she quieted down and he really didn't seem to pay a lot of attention to us at that point. I still have the "mean rooster" thought in the back of my mind whenever I have to mess with any of them, which thankfully is not very often. Last weekend when we had to move them into the crate in the shed before the hurricane came, the first one I got was the bantam. We went out at about 2:30 AM while they were sleeping. The bantam roo probably couldn't have made any more noise if I had been ripping his wings off. He made a terrible racket, but the other three were very calm and quiet. Once I got the bantam moved, I picked up the EE roo. He seemed like he was in a trance. Very quiet, didn't even cluck much, and sat down right where I set him in the crate. The two hens did the same. Very quiet. Yesterday, while I was throwing out scratch, I slowly reached out towards him just to see what he would do. He kinda spazzed out, jumped up, flapping and squawking. Then he just went back to scratching and eating like nothing happened. Strange birds. I'll just take it one day at a time and see how he does. He's done fine so far.

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