2 shelless eggs in 10 minutes


Jan 15, 2021
Early in our pullets’ egg laying life (beginning of June), one of my Amberlinks ”dropped” a shelless egg during their early evening foraging. Several days later, she did this again. She’d stand as still as a statue…then plop. We grabbed the egg to keep the girls from feasting on it. After that she laid normally in the nesting boxes, until….tonight. Again, during our early evening ranging, she emerged from the run very slowly. I noticed, later, that she was standing very still so I kept watching her. She finally moved and there was a semi-formed egg on the ground. She didn’t even look at it. She stood still again. A clear liquid then a bright yellow yolk came out of her bottom. She didn’t look at this either. She remained still for another 10 minutes. Finally she continued foraging, but in a subdued manner. Oyster shells are always available, but maybe she’s not eating them. Any thoughts? Sorry this is so long.
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