2 soft shelled drops in a row..


Mar 28, 2017
I found a soft shelled egg this morning that was dropped during the night,
second day in a row, i wasn't worried the first time, but 2nd day??

I researched of course and don't think she's ill i guess she could be stressed i mean they lost 2 family members these past 2 weeks and we are in the 100's now so when they go to bed its still 90 and she could get scared since her place is right by the door, i'm pretty sure i know who she is, she also is acting a bit broody, you know during a dispute with a higher hen she'll growl like they do when they are in the nest and you are bothering them lol

she's on layer feed but i will offer shells on the side now just in case she needs more calcium...

any other suggestions or ideas or experience with this? thanks!!

oh and the egg inside looks normal, its fertilized by Roo, held together the white and yolk, etc.


May 21, 2017
When I had that problem I started my hens on oyster shell/grit. Since then I haven't had any more soft eggs. You can buy it at your local farm store.

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