2 to 3 week old Barred Rocks dieing one at a time ??

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    I bought 17 (couple day old) Barred Rock chicks 3 weeks ago.
    During the last week I've lost 3 of them one at a time. They become lethargic , lose balance , almost appear to have partial paralysis., then die. Total process takes about two days. They have grown well , and the last one to die was as big and fully feathered as any. I bought them at a farmers market so I assume no vaccinations were given. I was not feeding medicated starter until yesterday . They are in a 4'x2'x2' oval gavanized watering trough with 2"+/- of pine shavings for litter. A 250 watt heat lamp at one end water oin the middle and food at the other end. All behavior indicates they are happy and they are growing well. Except for this new mortality problem. Stool seems to be a little runny. My wife says she saw a little blood in the last ones stool however I have not . In any event it isn't a lot of blood.

    Please Help,

  2. arllcountrygirl

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    Check for lice/mites - you can also give them sevin dust to dust around in.
  3. ruth

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    Sounds like Cocci. Any blood at all in stool, or stool that's runny, carmel colored and really smelly indicate Cocci. Add Sulmet to their drinking water immediately or you will lose them all. Follow the directions on Sulmet, it's important that it is given for several days.

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