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Sep 2, 2009
We just got 2 new birds today. They were saved from a sacrificial ceremony and I have no idea what breed they are.

Holly is very small and has some black markings on her feathers down her back. She seems very small to me and still "cheeps" non-stop. This is her...

Bridget is big and looks very healthy. I have no idea what breed she is but she is also seems very big. here she is...



Holly is very dirty and I was wondering what I should do to clean her, she has poop from other birds on her back.

Also any advice anyone has on making sure their first few days of transition go smoothly would be greatly appreciated!!!!

The smaller looks like a game hen to me, the larger might be a leghorn. Just my guess. I only raise brown eggers, so I'm not a good source of info on what you have.

As for washing, a pan of warm water with just a couple drops of Dawn or similar will work, have a second pan ready for rinse ... and heed the phrase "mad as a wet hen" ... many of them are not so fond of being bathed!
So.. is Holly white also (the brown being the dirty part you were talking about) or is she a light brown color? If she (hopefully, not a he) cheeps constantly, she's probably only 2-3 months old.

I thought Bridget looked like a white leghorn too, but it looks like her earlobes are red. If she has red earlobes, than she will lay brown eggs and is not a leghorn. She could be a plymouth rock, but looks a little slender to me - maybe a white rock owner can tell you if she has the correct build? Does she still peep too?
Yes the other one Bridget does chirp a little but it seems to mostly be in response to Holly.

Holly is white with just a few feathers that have black spots on them. I think the brownish color is all dirt but I will find out in the a.m. after bath time.

I thought Bridget might be a leghorn but I only have RIR and a silkie so Im not very proficient with other breeds.

They were intended for a ceremony where they would be slung over a persons head and have their necks slit. Its an old ceremony and many people do not practice it anymore, but they were already at the location waiting on the ceremony to begin when a very kind man rescued them.
They look like white plymouth rocks to me, the difference between Holly and Bridget could be 3 things: 1- Bridget is older than Holly and therefore more "developed", 2- Bridget is a rooster and Holly a pullet and 3- Holly and Bridget are two different breeds. Thats all I can think of
here are some updated pics of them... both of them have red earlobes... and Holly (first picture below) appears to have blue green eyes...



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