2 week chick with scaly legs?


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Apr 17, 2014
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One of my 27 chicks has something wrong with her.

She is half the size of the other flock members. Her legs are either deformed or has scaly legs. She also has a weird hard spot in her neck. My four year old spotted blood on her comb and she has been removed from the flock since. Yet she has not gotten better.

Her bedding has been super clean since she came from McMurry. We've never seen other chicks peck on her.

Is this scaly legs? I've treated her brooder box with 5% sevin

Those are not the result of mites.
Feed deficient in vitamins A, D, B2, Biotin can cause leg/feet deformation. Improper temperature and mishandling of eggs can also cause these problems. Here is some information you may find helpful:

It is always best to use the highest quality feed possible when rearing chicks. Purina recently had recalls due to nutritionally deficient feed.
Oh! I use good quality feed. That is so strange that the rest are fine. Thank you.

Any suggestions to what I should do? Does natural selection need to happen or this too late?

I'm going to assume it is from the egg stage as our food is high quality. My husband is a (beef) nutritionist so these girls have had it good on the feed
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