2 week old BO's, can they be feather sexed?


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Mar 27, 2012
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Hi there. I have 4, 2 week old buff orpingtons that I just bought. They were strait run but I noticed a clear difference in their feathers. 2 have long wing feathers and tails, and the other 2 have some wing feathers but just fuzzy butts. Is this a good indicator that I have 2 male and 2 female, or does it just depend depending the individual birds? It seems that of the two with long feathers one has a more prominent comb, and the other barely has one.

And if anyone can tell me which are which, so I can try not to get attached to the roos.

Also, are the roos sexually mature by the time they crow?

Thanks for any replies! I can post pics tomorrow if anyone requests! =]

Here's the four of them.


This one has the long tail with hardly any visable comb.


The other one with the long tail has a nice little comb. and also seems more pink than the others.


This one has a short tail, recenly upgraded from the fuzz butt. Wings are shorter than the other two, but he's catching up.


And this guy has no tail yet, and only short wing feathers still.

I have 8 Buff Orps 2 are Roos. With mine the roosters were the last to develop wing and tail feathers. The hens matured faster. The 2 roosters I have I could tell at about 5 weeks old what was what. The roos had bigger feet and legs, they developed a larger comb, and they carry themselves different than the hens. They stand taller with their head held high. The hens stand lower with their heads held low. My Australorps were the same way. I have 8 of them as well with 2 roosters. I had them all identified at 5 weeks old.
im new to buff orps but hatched a few orps and they can be wing tip sexed at day one

they have the slow and fast feather gene on wings

with that said look at tail

at this age tail will help

no tail is boy [2 slow feather genes]

with tail is pullet [1 fast and 1 slow featehr gene]
By the time mine were 6-8 weeks old the little roos little combs really stood out, with no doubt about it. By the time they are 8 weeks if you are still unsure I'd say they were all pullets...
Ok, so they are 3 weeks now and 3 have fully feathered wings and fluffy little tails. They can even fly a little. And the 4th has no tail at all and still undeveloped wings. They all walk pretty much the same, I don't see much difference in how they carry themselves. Although the one I suspect is male stands up when he stretches his wings, and the other 3 lay down or almost roll over to stretch.

With everything you said, is it pretty safe to assume the remaining fuzz butt is male?

Thanks for all your help!
Hi just wondering was it a roo??
I have 9 chicks and 2 are buff orp. I ordered them all from Meyer Hatchery and there supposed to be girls they are all 1 week old and one of them looks good and developing (like the other chicks I ordered) and one has the cute stubby wings like you have on yours. I hope its not a roo because they don't allow roosters in my neighborhood :(

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