2 Week Old Chick. Broken Or Deformed Leg!!! Please Help


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Jan 31, 2011
Ok so i put my chicks in a new brooder today with straw and everything set up really nice. and i dont remember this chick ever walking funny or not walking. i think it might have broken its leg somehow. Pleaassee help me out. it wont put any pressure on the leg or walk. he'll post with his wing for balance. when you straighten the leg it moves outward. it'll bed far far out but not in at all. i hope u can tell by the pics. he seems to be in pain for a second then he just lays back and lets me examine it. its really swollen. if u can see it will only go outward. i mean to the left. and it givess a lot. but not in at all. deformed or broken?
It is so hard to identify injuries sometimes!

Sometimes a chick's Achilles tendon slips out of place in their hock joint. Maybe this has happened with your chick?? There is info on treating that on the Poultry Podiatry web page on the PoultryPedia.com site linked in my sig below.

Best wishes!
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