2 week old chick peeping constantly & sleepy


Mar 19, 2017
east TN/USA
My little 2wk ish old polish chick is peeping constantly. She pecked and ate a small amount of chick crumbles on her own as well as some scrambled eggs (about the size of a us nickel). I have been making her drink Life-Lytes by putting droplets on her beak. I have not seen her poop. No poo on her vent. Her wings are drooping and she is very sleepy. She is peeping asleep and awake. She will flap and shriek when picked up until she gets comfortable on my finger.

I have her separated inside (the others are in the garage) with a comfort heating plate on pine shavings.


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Can I give her a drop undiluted on her beak? Or do the 2tsp per 1 gal of water?

This is the bottle 9.6% liquid.

Thank you. I will treat my other chickies.
2 tsp per gallon. Mix some of the treated water with her feed to encourage her to eat. And to get her to drink the treated water, gently dip her beak in the water. You'll have to keep doing it till she voluntarily swallows. Try to get her to eat and drink every hour or so.
She just ate the corid water/chick crumbles/scrambled egg mix voraciously. I couldn't get her to drink on her own, but she finally did poop. This is the first poo I've seen in about 4hrs. It ran down my pant leg, but didn't seem watery or foamy.

After all that eating she seemed sleepy, I put her back and she went under the plate.


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