2 week old ducklings panting in 70-75 degrees


Jul 7, 2022
Hi there, I have 5 Rouen ducklings, 2 weeks old today. I have a Brinsea EcoGlow heater in their brooder now. They are lined up at the opposite side of the brooder from the heater tonight, although normally they move to and fro, sometimes under it sometimes not, they have been eating and drinking normally even an hour ago.

The room I have their brooder in has a base temperature of about 70 degrees at night, even with windows open. I’ve never seen them pant like this, only 2 of them are. The other 3 are fine. Its not a nonstop pant, just they will do it for a few seconds and then close their mouth.

It’s hotter in this room during the day, they are in a room at the opposite side of the house from the side that gets the hottest sun, it’s cooler and shady overall, and they don’t pant like this during the day.

They have a cat waterer that is deep enough for them to get their whole bills into, and fresh water changed every couple of hours.

Should I be worried? I can’t get it any cooler in this room unfortunately unless I add an AC but I don’t want them to be too cold either. Should I remove the Brinsea EcoGlow heat plate even though it’s radiant heat only underneath it, unlike the very hot heat lamp?

Any advice appreciated!
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As they get older they need less heat. As long your brooder is big enough that they can escape the heat of the eco glow, they should be ok. I would be sure it is raised up to a high position. If it continues, or your brooder is small, I would turn it off.
Depending on the temperature in your area they may not even need heat. In the summer, I often turn off the heat during the day, and may or may not turn the heat on at night. It really depends on the temperature and what I see my ducklings doing. Also if your brooder doesn't allow airflow through it, the heat can build up and get trapped a bit in the brooder. That can make it feel hotter.

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