2 week old ducks.....outside?


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I have 2 week old runners and welsh harlequins.....12 total. They are spending the days outside in a little pen, but I have been bringing them into the garage at night, even though I leave their lamp off. Can they stay outside in a secure coop? Nighttime temps are around the mid 60's.......??

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I put mine outside in a secured shed at 2 weeks old and they did fine, just give them enough protection from wind and rain and they should be just fine. IMO they would be outside alot earlier than that if they were wild so why not in captivity.
I use my greenhouse as a brooder and my ducklings are outside from day one.

I have a door that leads outside and i open it in the daytime so they are out all day if they want.

Do you have photos of your babies?
Wow, I think that is way to soon. I always kept mine in and under a light just like my chicks, I don't think they should be out without heat until they are fully feather. At least in the wild they have mama to snuggle up with in the nest, even if they don't all fit under her...
I have 4 Welsh Harlequin ducklings, 3 weeks old, that I've been seriously considering putting out for good. I do the exact same thing as the OP. But the little cuties just bat those beautiful little eyes and quack at me...and I just have to put them in the garage at night. The little buggers sure do steal your heart, don't they?
but if you really think about it how warm can mama keep them??? they are in temps way lower than mid 60's, and if you could get their opinion in the matter i'm positive they are happier outside!

btw how do you keep them inside until feathered????? that would be awfully smelly.
My ducklings have been outside with nothing but each other to keep them warm since they were 1 and 2 weeks old. I haven't lost any of them, temps in the low to mid 60's at night, 80-90 during the day.

Ducks don't need heat nearly as long as chicks do, they need to be kept dry, but they don't need as much heat.


Their little daytime pen (I did add plastic mesh over the large metal mesh recently as they can fit through)

Those pics were from a few days ago. They seem perfectly fine out during the day.....splashing in the water and bopping around....they will stay inside this weekend as I am going out of town, but after that, sounds like they can move outside permanently.

eta: that pen was built for a pair or trio of bantam cochins.....not the ducks.....they are just borrowing it
they will free range in my half acre fenced yard and sleep in a wooden coop once they are bigger.

here they were yesterday
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