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Mar 10, 2011
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I have had my very first "flock" for about 2 weeks now and after reading this board I have discovered I have quite a few things wrong and should be very happy they are doing so well, despite my mistakes. I wish I'd done more reading instead of just jumping into it.

So for starters I have them in a carboard box lined with hay ( fresh straight out of round bale from my horses ) I change the litter at least 3x's a week now that they have gotten bigger and are pooping. I make sure to fill the feed and to clean the water out as often as I can since duckie loves to make it a huge mess. We are using a 100 watt light bulb suspended over the box thanks to our shower curtain rod. I know everywhere says to keep it about 90 but I never manage to keep it over 85 without having the light almost laying on the bottom of the box. The chicks don't even lay directly under it but off to the side. I have been raising it as they seem to be moving further and further away the larger they get.

Tomorrow we are building a proper brooder with shavings for bedding and a feeder trough instead of a plastic bowl ( borrowed it from my kids, bad mommy ) I have daily interactions with them just checking them over making sure their eyes are bright and the feathers are coming in ( which they are like mad. 2 even have tail feathers coming )

Is there anything else I should be doing? Or could do differently?
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Is there a breed anyone recommends as a good starter breed? I want to get my feet a little deeper into the pool but want chickens that are an easy to rear breed if that makes any sense. I have my eye on at least 5 different breeds but just not sure.
well brown sex links are good buff orpingtons leghorns are ok i dont recomend them they are noisie and will run away if given the chance and jersy giants are very good for starters hope this helps but what chickens do you have in mind but i think you should get diffrent kinds of chickens cause flocks look the best when all the chickens look diffrent
Currently we have a red sexlink ( breed is still in question ) a buff orpington, a black orpington and a Blue Swedish duckling.

I am thinking of a Delware, Wyandotte, EE, and possibily some Plymouth Rocks.

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