2 wk.old chick with "poo" problem

Mar 5, 2018
Middle South Carolina
I'm excited to be a member now! I have a problem that some of you have experienced too. One of my 2 wk. old Polish Crested chicks has a problem in the anal area. He poops large clumps, and the opening is large and red. I have given warm water baths, and even smeared Preparation H on the area, but it still looks bad. What else can I do? He is eating and drinking well. Thanks to all.
:welcome What are you feeding your chick? Do you have Chick Girt available? You could put some ACV (with the Mother) in it's water (1T/gal). Are you brooding indoors or outdoors? What are you using for heating?

Is the poop sticking to it's butt down? Is it soft or firm? You can use a QTip with warm water to gently work away any stuck poop. Pictures worth thousand words, could you get us a picture of it's butt area? Poop?
Ok what are you doing for heat? Are they able to get away for the heat if they're too warm? Over heating causes some poo issues. They do a "soft" cecal poo now & then, that's the really stinky one. It could be the chick was just having a "bad" day. 20% is good. You can also stop with the paper towels if you wish, they're "old enough" to deal with the shavings but they will get it everywhere (feed & water).
Yup, shavings everywhere! The worst is in the water all the time, glad I switch to the Horizontal Water Nipples :)
I have 2 water supply areas, 1 in the coop with 8 nipples, and a 5 gal bucket with 4 nipples in the run and a bowl that they can dip their beaks in. I make sure the hens have fresh water every day!:cool:
My poor baby looks awful in the rear, but he is eating, drinking, running,etc. What is the problem? Is there such a thing as "rectal prolapse"? Please help me to help him! 2017-03-06 23.14.30.jpg 2017-03-06 23.14.41.jpg 2017-03-06 23.15.34.jpg

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