20 assorted Rare Colored Bantam Phoenix Chicks

Boggy Bottom Bantams

11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Hahira, GA
This will be 20 of our superb Bantam Phoenix. Most all our current Stock come from the Toni-Marie Astin and Cy Hyde lines. I've done a lot of work with the various colors, but the blood lines are all from these two breeders with the exception of just a couple.
This will be an assorted group of colors from all our birds, rare or standard colors in bantam sizes only.
Colors could be from any of these or more.
bb red, gold duckwing, blue golden duckwing, white, red pyle, black, lavender, dun, barred, silver crele, , silver duckwing, birchens, blues etc.

These are some of the best phoenix you will find.
All chicks are NPIP certified

Extra chicks over the 20 minimum shipping order can be added for $6 each.This time of year, I am doing assortments only because you never know week to week who will be laying. I can try to set to your order, but in the end, this is for assorted chicks, chicks from these by color are much higher.

Sorry, I can not ship to Hawaii or Virginia.

I will only ship these rare birds by Express Mail, Priority takes way too long.

The shipping, box, box liner, heat pack and the $100 insurance that comes with Express is $40 in most cases, west coast buyer are $45.

I can usually get to these pretty quick in assortments. If you'd like to reserve some you can post here or PM me.If you have
any questions feel free to ask.

There are also 250+ phoenix pics on my website if you'd like to see some of the adults.

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