20+ Grey, snowy, and one or two white over magpie Call Duck Hatching Eggs


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11 Years
Nov 3, 2010
I have way to many call eggs under broodies and in the incubators! You will be getting 20+ fertile eggs from my quad of grey calls, trio of snowy calls(one hen is broody so you will only be getting eggs from one hen), and a white drake over a magpie hen. There is only 1 mixed call egg right now and the rest are pure.
$40 plus actual shipping. I will figure the shipping if someone purchases these. These are laying like mad! All birds have the correct coloring and weigh less than 1.5 pounds. The oldest eggs are from the 31 of may. I will include everything laid over the weekend and ship Monday morning. Should be 6 more eggs minimum.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me! More pics in profile of the snowys and the white and magpie. Post SOLD and PM me! I can not ship to VA or HI or AK as I have not kept my NPIP up this year.
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