2009 Blue Sebastopol Gander

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    For Sale:
    2009 Blue Sebastopol Gander!
    This is a Sebastopol I received this Fall in a trade.
    It was sent to me as a goose but I'm pretty sure its a gander
    and I don't need another gander at this time.
    He is smooth other than some fluffy back and thigh feathers.
    Very pretty blue color. Very good size, width and a beautiful head.
    His father is a smooth blue directly from Dave Holderread.
    His mother is a curly grey. His mother's parents are a smooth
    gray gander and a white, curly goose. All very good quality.
    Breed him to curly geese and you will get around 50% smooth
    and 50% curly offspring with less wing disorders....and COLOR!
    $150. plus box and shipping.
    Shipping will probably run around $90.
    Any over payment on shipping will be reimbursed.
    You will need to send me an "Omni" size shipping box.
    See my websites sales page for details on shipping and purchasing a shipping box.
    Feel free to email me with any questions.
    [email protected]

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