So I guess my lack of misting and cooling of eggs every day was probably not the reason for the early embryo die off.
Absolutely not. Age has allot to do with it. I look at it this way the babies are just practicing this year and the ones that dont make it the whole way would probably not have been strong and healthy. Next year your going to go out and pick up there 3rd or 4th egg they laid and be amazed at how much bigger, smother and feel the bloom on it. In fact your late season eggs will be bigger also. When you deep candle this years eggs you will see some grainy ones, some with little pits, some with little spots that look like water spot, Some eggs will have a rough feal to the shell Some will be a little off shaped. Double yolks are common in first year also. They drop 2 yolks before they had time to produce enough calcium and then struggle to push it all the way through. Its natures way of tweaking them.
I have put every one this year through the incubator manly to check to see if my boys are getting it. My best confirmation boy has been put with MaMa who is my most fertile girl there is and not one of her 14 plus eggs have been fertile its ok though she is a production goose and I really dont want to hatch her babies. She is such a great mom so when she goes broody I will give her eggs from the other girls.
From the new 4 new I so far have only got one to internal pip and zip. My older girl Precious I now have 3 and 2 more are zipping right now. and 9 more are at all different stages doing great.
Keep hatching you will get a few this year and be a pro next year. Its funny every year I reread the artical in this forum (goose hatch complete) over and over again.
There is another good checklist pdf from the university of California
IT HAPPENED!!!! I must have put at least 40 eggs in the incubator. Only the eggs from Miss Lemon were fertile. Most of the eggs didn't make it past 2 weeks...until now!!! This beautiful little gosling was hatched this morning. He started unzipping erratically and when I saw a foot coming through his original pip, I became concerned. My husband assisted the hatch and when the cap was removed, both feet were sticking out.
Don't know if the father is the buff or the lavender Sebastopol, but WOW what an amazing experience.
3 day old hatchling racing the 2 week old Metzer goslings and ducklings I hatched. All are great except the Metzer goslings just started the tail feather pulling stage.
The one we hatched weighed 89 grams. A week later he was 243 grams. At two weeks he weighed 663 grams. And at three weeks he weighed a whopping 1200 grams!
Well, I'm stumped. Little Lemonade will be 5 weeks old on Sunday.

Lemonade's mother (Miss Lemon) has a saddleback. She was the product of a saddleback Pomeranian gander and a white Sebastopol goose.

Lemonade's father (Onslow) is a lavender Sebastopol from an all Sebastopol gaggle.

I'm seeing no sign of a saddleback on Lemonade!!! Looking back at Miss Lemon's baby photos, her saddleback was prominent and unmistakable from a young age.

Obviously, I will just have to wait and see, but I kind of expected the saddleback trait to be passed on to the gosling from the mother. Does this mean that this trait is recessive, or can it be used to determine the gosling's gender, or am I totally out to lunch thinking certain traits have meaning?

**** A side note, I named my Metzer Sebbie baby girls Fruity and Fizzy and the boy is named Basil. So, next year, if all goes as planned, I may end up with Fruity Lemonade or Fizzy Lemonade babies! (Basil Lemonade doesn't sound as tasty though!!!!)

ONE IN A HUNDRED!!! I just got my second bonus baby!!! I'm so happy! The gosling decided to hatch in a severe thunderstorm with no power with the portable generator running to get the temperature back up. It's been so active all through the incubation period. Every time I candled, it looked like it was doing kung fu!!! It has been vocal ever since it internally pipped! We named it Bruce Lee! What an amazing little one!!!

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