1. Adil_Ali

    What does “self” mean?

    I’ve seen many posts on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, where people say “self” blue, or “self” white. What does the self mean? cheers Adil
  2. Adil_Ali

    Buff laced or white crested black?

    Hey, wanted a general opinion of the public, I am going to be selecting a color to breed (polish chickens). Which color do you think is better, white crested black, or buff laced? Pictures are attached. Cheers Adil
  3. Fallenone05

    Female specific color

    If I've misread something and misunderstood, I'll definitely take the points and giggles. I feel like I've read somewhere that there's a female specific feather pattern that isn't sex-linked. My attempts to Google only bring up sex-linked birds. My brain says it's some kind of wild-type or...
  4. M

    Showgirl Genetics + Satin

    Alright, hope im not in over my head here. I want to make sure I have this atleast somewhat right. I have this satin showgirl. And all of birds from the same hatch are showgirls except one roo. Who I guess is not a showgirl but rather a silkie because his neck is feathered ? but he's a silkie...
  5. Bluebell81

    F2 ShowGirls with hard feathering?

    Good morning! I need help understating what has happened…. I started my own line of ShowGirl Silkies. I’ve just recently hatched my second generation. All 4 chicks came from my BBS pen. The mom is a Black F1 ShowGirl (Naked Neck/Silkie cross) and the Dad is a Splash Silkie. I know that my F1 SG...
  6. 6

    No typical roo tail feathers?

    I have a 5 month old Barred Rock Roo, which I bought from TSC. He has developed well…Just no impressive tail feathers yet! Will he ever grow a typical roo tail?
  7. G

    Question about "Wobbly" chicken.

    So, this is probably going to sound a little odd, but about a year ago, I got an order of Black Laced Golden Wyandottes from cackle hatchery. Most of them were pretty standard. But, right outta the box, there was one odd one. She still had the black an gold colors of her fellow chicks, but her...
  8. F

    Orpington breeding question

    Hello all, I’ve been increasing my flock of English Orpingtons (mauve, chocolate, chocolate mottled, calico, and Isabel so far) and am wondering what happens when you breed a few of these varieties together. I’m fairly new to the genetics portion of chickens raising, and am curious if any...
  9. LondonKallie

    Bielefelder X Polish Cross

    So my beautiful favorite Polish chicken died last night. Im not sure how, but I held her as she took her last breaths. I'm pretty sure she had a blockage in her intestines, but this post isn't about how she died it's about her offspring. I quickly ran to the coop this morning and gathered all...
  10. Ari_m

    How are the various colors in one breed developed?

    I haven’t been able to find any articles about this- not even sure how to search for it. All that comes up are egg colors.... I love how there are so many varieties in colors within a breed. I know that people usually introduce another breed and keep breeding, culling, and selecting for the...
  11. Fallenone05

    Question about dominant white

    Hi! So, I got a new chicken today. The people I purchased her from knows she's mixed, but they're not 100% sure what she's mixed with. She has a rose comb but she's solid white. The folks I got her from said they have Wyandottes, Leghorns, Delawares an Australorp and a few other breeds. Everyone...
  12. MMF20

    Sex-linked Olive Egger Genetics ?

    I started hatching from a cross that should be sex-linked but so far none of the chicks have hatched with the telltale white spot. I might’ve assumed all pullets, but now at 2 weeks it appears a blonde chick is developing barring. Cross is Wheaten Marans Rooster x Cream Legbar Hen. I was...
  13. Haileebird

    Muscovy duck colour question

    Hi folls I’m wondering about pairings, duckling Colours and so forth. Tick, my drake, is a lavender I believe (I suppose he could be silver as well?) Tock, one hen is sitting on eggs from him. She’s a chocolate pied - what colour ducklings will I get? I got a second duck, Casio. I’m unsure...
  14. MichyA

    Silkie Genetics

    Hi everyone! I’m in the beginning stages of starting up a Silkie breeding program to sell hatching eggs. 😊 I currently have two very handsome bearded white Roos, 2 white hens, a partridge hen, a black hen and two blue hens. I’m researching genetics and from my understanding... I can’t mix all...
  15. J

    Identifying Barnyard Mix Chicks

    Good morning! I have just had a salmon faverolles hen hatch out 4 chicks. The only roosters on site have been buff orpingtons. One chick is white with a little dark dot on its head, and has 4 toes and feathered feet. I suspect it is a rooster from our light brahma hen rather than the fav that...
  16. MichyA

    Breeding Silkies

    Hi everyone! I’ve been a chicken owner for about 5 years now. I have about 40 chickens, all different breeds. I’ve been researching a good way to make $ off these chickens (so they can finally earn their keep... selling eggs for eating isn’t cutting it 😆) I’m very interested in selling Silkie...
  17. Remedy

    Call duck Genetics

    So I’ve been getting really good at breeding, hatching and raising from my first starter flock that I got three years ago. I love these little ducks, but now I’ve got more colors and am trying to figure out colors and patterns I can breed to get new colors but not get muddy birds. I have black...
  18. Ari_m

    Cream Legabar Delaware Cross Results??

    I just got this Delaware rooster and plan to hatch chicks out of him later this summer or next spring. One cross in particular I’d like to try out is my cream legbar hen. She lays a nice blue egg, is a very productive layer, good size, and has an all-around great disposition for free ranging...
  19. eclectic-em

    How to classify the shank color, primary, secondary colors of my roo?

    Hello! Warning: genetics questions! I've got a mystery chicken and have been obsessing over chicken genetics trying to figure out what breeds my boy may be. He's got a cushion comb and came from a green egg so the mother must have had the pea comb gene and roo probably had a rose comb. That's...
  20. connieconnie

    Cream Legbar cross chicks (Maran X and Barred Plymouth Rock X), sexing and colour genetics?

    So I've recently been sucked into the black hole of what is chicken colouring genetics. And after days of research... I'm still a bit confused I've discovered how wonderfully complex and interesting this area is! And would like some advice, thoughts, opinions or maybe some links to information...
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