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    That's one heck of a list there Dennis.

    That darn paparazzi and those poor bicyclists.

    So if a paparazzi is on a bicycle does a celebrity in a vehicle need to slow down trying to get around said paparazzi? Giving that paparazzi ample time to photograph said celebrity. So much grey area so many loopholes.
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    That is quite a list. I'm glad to here about improvements in Transgender rights though.

    So far the only laws I've seen for Texas is a tax on mixed drinks at restaurants and upping the minimum age to go to a tanning salon.
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    I wonder if someone in CA feels like they are gender non-specific (ie. no gender) (sorry I was going to use another word but I did not know if it would be okay with BYC rules just because of young kids not vulgarity) does the law allow them to use BOTH sets of rest rooms?
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    Well if they had this when I was in school I would have been on the girls volleyball team, just waiting for shower time.
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    Jul 1, 2010
    I'm gobsmacked!! How do the people of whatever gender feel about this I wonder?
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    The transgender potty issue is actually an easy fix. In most homes, boys and girls' men and women use the same rest rooms. The deal is they all have a door and a lock. Shower facilities don't have to be gang style, rest rooms do not need to be huge and open. Additionally, no school is going to allow a boy to "decide" to use a girl's rest room nor would the opposite be possible. For those transgender youth who are using the "biological" rest room currently...they are facing physical and verbal bullying.

    Gender and sexuality is a lot less black and white than many people are comfortable with.
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    Mar 20, 2013

    Additionally, masculinization of "below the waist" and in the brain are two separate processes. Insufficient aromatase to convert testosterone to estradiol will result in male "below the waist" and female in the brain. When these two pieces don't match, which can be more easily "adjusted" to match the other? And there's your answer for current treatment options.
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    I was thinking more about the sports teams. As males are generally taller and heavier than females, will they not be advantaged by playing against females? How will this be a level playing field for anyone?
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    That's what scares me. My daughters are all short and petite. My 6th grader is the size of a 4-5th grader. If there are super tall and heavy kids and its a contact sport i'd have to pull my kids. On the upside, Taylor is like chicken little and has a itty bitty strike zone.

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