22 Assorted Colored Dorking & RIR Chicks!

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    I have RIR and assorted colored Dorking chicks that hatched on Saturday the 12th. I have 22 total.

    7 RIR w/out 5 toes
    6 Dorkings with 5 toes
    8 BSL (black sex links) with 5 toes
    one odd white/Ivory with faint stripes with 5 toes!

    My Dorking roosters were bred with Black Sex Link hens, and next incubation project should produce red traits from the RIR.

    RIR CHICKS ARE $3 EACH AND $5 EACH FOR OTHERS. No shipping. Local pickup in Kernersville, North Carolina only.

    For pictures please visit:

    https://picasaweb.google.com/108886485276755780480 (Updating individual photos in process)

    Pictures were taken last Saturday. Their variant in colorings are rare.

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